Note: Smell

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Almost everything we smell now days isn’t natural. It has either been covered up by a spray or formula, or that our lifestyle of being around machines, toxic materials, and more has changed how our senses respond.


But smell is still something I adore. For a long time I was like many and couldn’t tell the difference in smells, other than when something smelt awesome, or pongy.

Smells can be comforting though, and I tend to find when I have a lover who suits me, their smell is perfect (apart from when they are ill).


While I want to teach about this sense more, I know there’s a lot of boundaries which we have been conditioned too.

Anyway, I’m rambling but desire to look into the science of smell more over the next few months. All I know is that smell is unique and how we also experience it when another close to use emits a smell is too very unique and different.


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