Lelo Luna Smart Bead

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The Lelo Luna Smart Bead is a kegel device, which uses touch and pressure sensor technology to help establish the best pelvic floor workout for you by adapting its vibrations to suit your body. Rather than other jiggle balls out there, its focus is to encourage you to keep up your pelvic exercises, whilst making it more challenging as your muscles advance. Acting as your own private gym instructor for your vagina, with motivational vibration, rather than verbal nagging reminds.


The item arrives in the traditional Lelo style packaging; inside the plain black Lelo box you will find the device, an instruction manual, a guarantee card, sachet of lubricant, a storage bag, and an AA battery.

The device has a total of six vibration settings, five of which are focused on working-out your kegel muscles, and the sixth is purely for pleasure by offering a continuous vibration mode for you to enjoy. The five work-out modes increase in vibration intensity to help you encourage your kegel muscle grip around the product, during each round. The sensor touch technology will be able to determine when you are ready for the next intensity level, and start you off at this when you outrank your previous session’s goals. The vibrator has a memory function for remembering which setting you were up to last, meaning that you are able to go straight into your workout without fiddling around with any controls, which can deter some people from progressing further in their fitness routine. There is a single press button which can be used to manually change your workout setting, or to set it to the single vibration mode. Each time the vibrator is turned on; it will buzz the corresponding workout mode you are starting on (one buzz for level one, two for level two, etc).

Lelo Luna Smart Bead, Kegel Device

Lelo Luna Smart Bead, Kegel Device


Lelo’s Luna Smart Bead is designed with the same ergonomic shape found with their other vibrating eggs. Simply formed into a delicate oval shape rather than the rounded balls found on other kegel items, the Luna range (including the smart bead), is still one of the most comfortable and practicable designs for the vagina and for sitting above the pelvic floor muscles. Its tapered tip and smooth velvet silicone exterior acts as a gentle offering as it slips into the vagina, rather than causing alarming popping sensations received from traditional designs, making it easier to insert Luna into the vaginal chamber even with little warm-up and additional lubrication. Measuring a total of 5.5 inches in length and with the addition of a silicone retrieval loop, the Smart Bead is well built. The Smart Bead is powered by a single AA battery, which is placed into a water-tight chamber inside the product. The battery compartment twists shut tightly, and doesn’t leave any external grooves when closed, thus avoiding aggravation to the vaginal walls.


When using the Luna Smart Bead, I turned the device on and then slipped it into my vagina. As I worked through the first work-out setting my pelvic floor muscles gripped around the item during each vibrating burst. The vibrations are there to indicate when to clench, but also act as a method of making clenching harder as the pleasurable sensations make your body want to react different to what you’re telling it to do. Concentration is important with this device.

I found that I personally worked up to the next intensity rapidly, however this is probably because I already have an established kegel workout routine in-place, so have better control over my muscles when compared to someone new to kegels. From my experience with this product as a kegel work-out equipment, I would need something which was a lot harder and heavier to gain any benefits, however I do see it being a good option for someone new to kegels and needs added encouragement.

When using the vibrator in the single intensity mode, I started to tease my clitoris with its tip. I found that the battery powered Luna Smart Bead is too weak to excite my clit into climax. I have however found it excellent in teasing men’s penis’ softly. When using the eggs as a G-spot stimulator, whilst it rested perfectly against my G-spot, it didn’t really offer any of the sensations I required to bring-on a G-spot orgasm. It’s worth noting though, that the Luna Smart Bead isn’t designed to bring on intense orgasms and is meant for working-out your pelvic floor instead. Yet I would still love it to have the option to be able to bring me to orgasm, as I could use it as a way of rewarding myself after a kegel fitness session.


Cleaning the Luna Smart Bead is simple as it is waterproof and made from hypoallergenic silicone. Simply wash the item under warm water with the addition of your antibacterial wash, allow to dray, then place back into the handy storage pouch so it is read for your next work-out round.


Overall, I like the concept of this product, even if I personally need something a bit more challenging. I feel that the item would be a great way to encourage anyone who has trouble finding motivation to do their kegels. I also think that the vibrations combined with the sensor touch technology is a great way for you to learn how you use your pelvic floor muscles, leading to you becoming more aware of how your body works, and hopefully resulting in better awareness of the pelvic throbs produced during orgasm.



Thank you to Lelo for sending me this item for my review. You can find-out more here.


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