Intense Climaxer G-Spot With Silicone Tip by Nasstoys

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The Intense Climaxer G-Spot With Silicone Tip by Nasstoys is a silicone vibrator with a curved tip aimed at G-spot stimulation. The product offers a unique handle, meaning that not only should the product be easier to grip, but also you should be able to direct its ergonomic shaft along your natural vaginal contours to your sweet spot easier.


The product arrives in a cardboard box bearing an image of the product, basic product information, as well as a cartoon image of a woman using the device. The box’s layout feels rather haphazard and messy. Inside the box the toy is lying within a moulded plastic rest. The sex toy also arrives with its own batteries, being two N batteries.

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The Intense Climaxer has a total length of 6 inches and an insertable length of 3.5 inches. The main shaft of the toy has a slight wave to it, and as it reaches its tip the product curves slightly, offering an angled G-spot tip. The G-spot tip is plushy and can be flexed back and forth. The shaft has a maximum circumference of approximately 4 inches. The silicone coating over the main shaft drags heavily when rubbed against dry skin. The silicone portion and the ABS handle are divided by a chrome plated plastic ring; this is where the product unscrews to allow access to the battery chamber. The ABS handle is made out of glossy plastic and curves in such a way that you can effortlessly hook a finger around it. Thanks to the design of the handle the silicone push button at the base is positioned perfectly for the user’s thumb to hover over it.

This battery powered vibrator is waterproof and offers a total of 7 vibration modes of various escalation, pulsation, and continuous settings. The vibrations it emits are of the buzzy variety and are fairly noisy. The Intense Climaxer’s vibration strength isn’t very intense in my opinion. To turn the product off you have to scan through all 7 settings.


When using the toy I found that its silicone shaft required a heavy lashing of additional lubrication, due to the drag caused by the material. The plushy silicone tip, once lubricated, entered my vagina with ease. I was able to direct the shaft comfortably to where my G-spot is located, but I found that this particular product’s shape wasn’t very good for G-spot stimulation. Even when positioned upon my G-spot, its flexible tip wasn’t able to apply firm enough pressure and its vibrations weren’t strong enough to bring on a G-spot orgasm.

I decided to use the toy for vulva and clitoral stimulation instead, and found that the product worked excellently for this form of stimulation. The curved handle meant I was able to freely and elegantly glide the tip over my intimate parts, and softly stroke the delicate areas sensually. Due to this the product also makes for great couple play, particularly during foreplay, as the handle is so easy to use for directing the product’s shaft to where it is needed when it comes to external stimulation.

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To clean the product, simply wash it in warm water and antibacterial soap. The silicone becomes surprisingly slippery when wet, meaning that dirt washes off it easily. Once the product is dry I highly recommend storing it within a suitable container as dust is drawn to the silicone.


Overall, I’m not sure I’d recommend this toy for G-spot stimulation, although some may have better luck than I did when using it as an insertable. I feel the Intense Climaxer G-spot sex toy is more a foreplay product, which would be ideal for couples. The handle really does make play feel effortless, and this in itself can make the experience far more enjoyable than when trying to manhandle other products with a less user friendly handle.


Thank you to Voluptasse for sending this item to me. You can find out more.

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