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The Crave Duet is a luxury rechargeable vibrator designed to look like a USB storage stick, in fact, Crave also offer the option of opting of one which is also allows you to store your files too. The Duet is a tech fanatic’s reverie, with not only being useful in the bedroom, but the office too. The design of this product is also very well constructed, and the creator of this device, has created something which differs immensely from the mere bullet style clitoral stimulator. The Duet is clever and has two different surfaces, each aimed at stimulating the clitoris differently. Taking constructive criticism in a professional way, to also evolve the product to suit women’s needs perfectly – more companies should be like Crave.

Crave 1 clitoral luxury vibrator.

The Crave Duet arrives in some of the most practical packaging used for a sex toy – small, compacts, with all the information needed right there to get you started, and looking very professional in appearance. As you open the box you are welcomed by a quick start guide on how to use the vibrators. Within the box you will discover a leather zip case containing the vibrator, and a small metal charm with a website link – this can be hooked onto the storage pouches zip for connivance.

The product is made up of two parts which slot together. One end you will find a metal plated component containing the user interface in its bottom, which consists of three buttons. The metal part of the product can also be engraved upon request. The other section is made from silicone, in the shape of two tweezer-like prongs. Each prong contains a vibrating motor, which work jointly, in producing intensely strong vibrations. The prongs can be flex back and forth, and unlike with some vibrators (and in particular dual motor buzzers), the vibrations do not cut out due to pressure or angling. Also unlike other dual motors, the vibrations are in sync. The silicone prongs structural design is aimed to offer two different styles of surfaces when stimulating the clitoris. One side of the products inner-tip is flat, and the other side’s is beveled so the tips angle inwardly. This gives you multiple options when desired.

The Crave Deut is rather weighty compared to a lot of clitoral vibrators, but it is evenly distributed for balanced handling and control.

The three buttons in the base, which control 4 different vibration modes, with the option of variable intensity. To turn the toy on press and hold the central button, tapping this button also allows you to scan through the various escalation pulsation and single speed vibrations. All the modes intensity level’s can be adjusted by the plus and minus buttons, ranging from very mild rumbly vibrations, to extremely powerful yet very quiet too. To turn the product off hold down the central button for a few seconds.

The product will need charging before first use. To charge the product, simply separate the silicone unit from the metal division, and then slip the metal end into your USB port. The product will only charge once connected and you have clicked the central button. While charging the buttons will flash orange. The products ability to stop charging at a click of a button is an excellent idea, because if anyone did wonder over to your workstation whilst it flashed away, all you’d need to do is simply click the button to make it stop. Saying that, I doubt many will query about the true nature of this little gadget.


When using the Crave Duet clitorally I decided to focus the flatter side on to my lubricated clitoris at first. This offered a slight pinching sensation during use, and while I don’t disfavor firm clitoral pressure, I found I was less able to enjoy the vibrations offered when used this was. I next tried resting the slanted surfaced around my clitoral nub, which suited my body best. The vibrations resonated around the whole area deeply, offering deep vibrations which traveled throughout my internal clitoral legs. No matter which setting I opted for, I was able to reach orgasm exceedingly rapidly. Using the angled surface also meant that I was able to orbit the prongs around my clitoral nub easily – sometimes one area of my clitoris can feel more sensitive.

When using the Duet I did encounter one issue, and that’s the controls can be a bit fiddly to use at times, due to their size. It was particularly difficult when my finger nails were a little long.

The Duets tips can become rather warm during extended masturbation sessions. While the manufacturer states this is normal for the product, some may find the heat uncomfortable.

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Cleaning the Duet is simple as the product is waterproof. Simply wash the product in water with and antibacterial cleaner. I do not recommend using an alcohol base cleaner, as this may tarnish the metal plating. As a part of the product is metal plated, this can scratch and wear over time, avoid abrasive cloths, and even invest in a microfiber cloth to polish away you naughtily dirty finger prints after use. Once clean pop the device back into its leather storage pouch.

Overall, if you crave designer, if you crave good tech, and you crave pleasure, you will be particularly happy with the Crave Duet. This is the future of vibrators – a product that is high quality and works. Also, its customisability should help target other niche areas of the market where people have a particular forte for individualism and meaning.




Thank you to Crave for sending me this product for my review. You can find out more here.

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