Comet Wand from Key by Jopen

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The Key collection by Jopen is a range of luxury sex toys which combine a mixture of materials such as glass, metal, and silicone, in order to offer some unique style and sensations to the market. The Comet in particular is an excellent example of this; the shaft is constructed of body-safe glass, embellished with a ‘Key’ metal disc, and the insertable section is coated in luxury silicone. Not only does this make the product aesthetically modern, it also means that the combination of the materials helps offer some diversity to sexual play. The Comet is a rigid curved dildo, designed predominantly for G-spot stimulation, combining the top-ranked features from some of the most efficient G-spot products out there, and yet creating something very new.

Jopen Key 2

The Comet arrives in a tasteful cardboard gift box with various bits of product information printed onto it. To open the box, simply pull the outer cardboard sleeve off to reveal the main box, which has a flap lid. Inside the packaging, the product is resting in a foam cut-out insert. Underneath the foam rest you will find a black drawstring storage pouch, and two small leaflets with product information and instructions printed onto them.

The Comet Wand dildo is constructed with a glass body, one half of which has been layered with a smooth silicone skin, which causes minimal friction when rubbed against dry skin. The uncovered half is designed to be the handle, and features an embedded stainless steel emblem with the ‘Key’ logo stamped into it. As it approaches a near 90 degree curve the glass portion gives way, allowing the silicone coating to rest over the shaft, maintaining a fairly consistent girth until the product’s tip. The tip is round and rather large; it is aimed at G-spot stimulation, and offers a large surface area for guaranteed accuracy. Each side of the shaft has a couple of raised grooves gently winding their way down. The dildo is rather heavy compared to other products of a similar size, due to the materials used.


When using the Comet I required some foreplay and additional lubrication prior to insertion. While the product’s silicone causes less friction when compared to some others, the bulbous head can feel shockingly large as it pops into the vaginal canal, particularly when used with only minor preparation. The silicone shaft slid into my vagina slowly and almost instantly found my G-spot. Surprisingly during insertion, I was able to feel the subtle grooves rub and stimulate the side of my vaginal walls, and possibly even indirectly tickling the branches of the clitoral legs. When using the Comet for G-spot stimulation, I found that a thrusting motion was easiest and most successful for achieving orgasm. As I thrust the weighty device in and out of my vagina, the handle made it easy to control the shaft rhythmically. The bulbous end sent waves of pleasure onto my G-spot, which brought me to climax slowly. The product may not be as quick as some other G-spot products, but the orgasm produced by its use is always immensely satisfying. Each time I’ve used this product it’s managed to resonate vibrations throughout my body as my pelvic floor muscles clench with excitement, and it also has a strange knack of enticing my vocal cord into use. Post-onanism my body felt very dazed but relaxed, and maybe enlightened in a sense. Unlike when experiencing other intense climaxes which offer strong stimulation, this was very different and lingered for hours.

jopen key 1

I found that if I desired deeper penetration this meant that the lower end of the toy would manage to rub against my clitoris with its cool glass surface. However this allowed very little room to grip onto the shaft for thrusting, but I was able to use the product hands-free as I sat on a pillow and gently rocked myself to orgasm.


As the Comet is made of three materials which are all nonporous and hypoallergenic, you are able to clean the toy easily with warm water and your standard antibacterial wash. You may want to focus some attention to the gap where the silicone ends and the glass portion begins, as well as around the ‘Key’ emblem.


Overall, the Jopen Key Comet Wand is an exceptional G-spot dildo offering sensational stimulation. It’s probably one of my all-time favourite sex toys: the orgasms it induces in me are akin to an intense spiritual euphoria, an epiphany of sorts. I’d highly recommend it to anyone wishing to explore profound and ultimately enjoyable G-spot orgasms.


Thank you to Strawberry Blushes for providing me with this G-spot dildo for my review. You can find out more about the Comet, here.

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