Battery powered versus mains and rechargeable

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Pros and Cons of Battery Powered and Recharegable Vibrators.

Ok, this question is pretty straight forward, but it’s the best starting point when choosing any electrical now days. Do you opt for a battery powered product or a rechargeable / corded mains powered product?

Battery powered toys will need frequent replacements. Many smaller battery powered sex toys are powered by N batteries or worse and more inconvenient tiny LR watch button batteries. Larger insertable toys and compact wands are often powered by AAA, AA and sometimes even C batteries.

Unfortunately many products only work with higher quality batteries. I tend to opt for Duracell (lasting the longest), or Energizer, I personally have found Panasonic to drain the quickest. When buying batteries it’s best to avoid buying rechargeable batteries, as they are slightly bigger in size to nonrechargeable batteries and can become jammed within the battery chamber.

Battery powered toys may seem expensive, but there are a few pros to them, as well as cons.

Not all rechargeable products have a travel lock, meaning prior to travelling with the product it’s best to drain the products energy so it doesn’t accidently turn on whilst in your luggage. Whereas, with a battery powered product you can simple remove the batteries before travel and pop them back in straight away once at your destination.

There are a few rechargeable products which are powered by solar power or manual cranking-up. These can be used without external electric power sources.

Battery powered products are also handy when you’re not near a mains powered source, meaning that as long as you have an ample supply, you’re ready to use your toy when it’s convenient for you.

Battery powered products can also be slightly more powerful than same model rechargeable counter partners, this is due to the batteries rattling along with the motor, inherently increasing the vibrators intensity. However, this also means that battery powered products can also be a lot noisier than many rechargeable and corded sex toys. To lessen the rattlily noises from battery powered toys, simply get a small piece of paper and slot it into the battery camber wrapping around the batteries.

Many battery powered toys will drain energy when inactive, so remember to either particularly loosen the cap, if the battery connectors are situated here it will cut the circuit. Or remove the batteries entirely, to avoid your batteries from leaking and damaging the product internally.

During use, as the batteries start to drain, you will often experience the vibrators strength to decline. When using a rechargeable, many are programmed to either emit a warning signal via LED or similar, or just cut out, so you always experience the product at its fullest potential. Off course, with mains powered products, you don’t often have this problem – if the motor seems to be weakening, it may be due to over use and burnout thus it’s time to invest in a newer model.

Batteries tend to have a shelf life. There are some products, such as Rock-off products which come with their own batteries and a best before date. Battery life is affected by temperature. It’s best to store your batteries in a cool, dry, place, and out of direct sunlight. I generally store my batteries in an air tight container within the fridge, this helps keep the batteries operating with a longer lifespan. Avoid getting your batteries damp by adding a sachet of silica gel into the box (I tend to hoard these when I buy shoes and bags). Rechargeable products tend to have a shelf life too, although many guarantee a good ten years before dying out completely. Mains powered products will tend to keep on living until the devices motors die. If your product experiences any issues, first check the fuss and replace if necessary.

Battery powered toys can sometimes be a pain when opening the battery compartment. Those with dexterity issues many have trouble unscrewing the caps, and sometimes you may encounter a product where the cap is a reminiscence of child lock caps on medical bottles. Some rechargeable sex toys will have a plastic cover over the charging port, some of these can be fiddly to remove. Many are fixed onto the product, although some can be completely removed, so make sure you keep it in a safe place whilst charging. There are a few products which have open charging ports, before charging make sure you inspect these for dirt, as pushing the jack plug into them when housing lint can jam them up completely. Many rechargeable products now come with magnetic chargers which are easy to clean and use. With magnetic chargers, avoid using hard acidic cleaning chemicals, and cloths which may scratch and damage the connective surface. Some magnetic chargers have difficulty staying connected, you may wish to wrap a hairband around the charger and product – please note that elasticated rubber bands may react with the toys material.

The unfortunate thing about rechargeable products is that once the sex toys battery dies, you are unable to replace just the battery, unlike with other popular rechargeable such as mobile phones. Always check the products information or website to see if you’re illegible for a replacement. If not, send your sex toys off to be recycled.

Battery powered toys tend to be a lot heavier than rechargeable toys. Mains powered products can be bulky to manhaldle due to the intrusive nature of the attacked powered cord and limited length.

Lots of rechargeable products are waterproof, but always make sure the charging socket is dry before charging the product. With mains powered products, never plug in a damp plug into a mains power supply. Mains powered products aren’t waterproof – never use them in the bath or shower.

Some products arrive with their batteries pre-installed. If this is the case, simply open the battery compartment in the base, and remove a small plastic or paper disc. This disc is blocking the products connectors from the battery power source.

When inserting batteries into a product, you’ll often encounter a piece of plastic or paper wrapping around the chamber. Do not remove this, as once removed this can sometimes interfere with the products functionality.

Some battery powered products will have a silicone / rubber ring around the screw threads. Occasionally this is removable, although dirt can get trapped around this, always make sure you replace it when rescrewing the product together. These tend to act as a waterproof seal, and without them, water and moisture can get inside the product.

When opting for a rechargeable toy or mains powered, there are a few essentials you may require. A plug conversion to adapt a continental plug to fit with your regional socket. A USB extension cable, many products are now rechargeable by your computers USB sockets. A USB mains charge, you are able to buy chargers for your USB products which plug into the wall. Cable ties, and sticky labels; many sex toys charging cords and plugs aren’t labelled meaning it can be a drag searching for the correct corresponding cord when you hastily just want to charge your product.

Many products light-up or flash whilst charging; you may wish to charge these during the day or cover-up the light when sleeping.

When your batteries have died, rather than throwing them in your general dust bin, take them to a recycling centre. I tend to take mine to the supermarket or Argos, where they have easy to access battery bins.


Top Battery Tips:

  • Check the product or the site provides the batteries with your purchase.
  • Try and purchase only higher quality batteries, as many lower quality won’t power some motors, but also make for noticeable difference in power.
  • Never use rechargeable batteries as these can jam inside the product.
  • If preinstalled batteries are provided, remove the small disc blocking the connectors.
  • Always insert them the correct way. Incorrect insertion can jam the batteries.
  • Never remove the piece of paper or plastic wrapping around the internal tube.
  • If your toy is a tad loud, wrap a piece of paper around the batteries to act as a buffer.
  • If the product isn’t working, first make sure the battery cap is on tightly, next try different batteries.
  • Always remove the batteries after each use to prevent drainage.
  • Store your batteries in a cool dark place.
  • Recycle your batteries after they have been used up.


Battery powered toys can be used when no mains powered supplies are available.


Batteries are expensive and need replacing often. Many toys only work with high quality batteries.


Rechargeable Tips:

  • Always charge your product for the stated time when the product arrives.
  • Before charging inspect the charging port for any dirt.
  • Make sure the charging port and jack port are dry prior to charging.
  • Label your chargers.
  • Over heating the product via use or storing in humid conditions will make the battery run down quicker.
  • Recharge the battery when needed, avoiding over charging.
  • When charging, place in a draw or similar to avoid distractions from any charging lights.


You don’t have to worry about replacing batteries; in comparison the price to charge products tends to be cheaper.


Once the products battery life ends you can’t replace it.


Mains Powered Tips:

  • Check your product arrives with a charger – some companies now sell chargers separately.
  • Make certain that the products volvatage is correct for your power supply. If not buy a volvatage adptor.
  • Make sure the power cord fits your plug socket, if not purchase a travel adapter.
  • Before plugging your device in make certain it is dry and being used in a damp free zone.
  • Check the length of the cord and make sure it can reach where you need it to be used.
  • Unplug after each use. Some toys will heat up even when turned off if still plugged into the mains.


Often very powerful and no need to worry about charging time or finding replacement batteries.


Limited by power cord. Noy waterproof.

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